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Taijine Covers 18cm  

It is the only series of bells with automatic injection valve®, that allows the entry of smoke, steam or aromas in the dishes and containers for the service without having to lift it. Fill your bells with lighter smokes made at lower temperature.
It will respect in a better way the natural aromas. They are the perfect complement to our smoker Aromatic Aladdin®. Allows the entry of smoke, steam or aromas without missing anything thanks to its new food silicone valve with zipper. Our bells are a patented product, made of borosilicate glass, handmade, with an extreme quality control and perfect finishes. Highly blows resistant, high or low temperatures, oven and freezing.
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Ref. 10/0017 - 10/0018
Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 15 cm
Units per box: 6

Availability: Immediate

242,07 €
VAT not included
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